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How it Works

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Step-by-Step Approach

  1. Book a free consultation

  2. Designate a checking account as your bill payment account

  3. Provide us online access to your accounts

  4. Supply old bills or a list of vendors that we will pay

  5. We’ll contact the vendors to redirect bills

  6. Now we’re ready to pay your bills, track all of your accounts, and provide monthly reporting

Why Work with Financial Sense

Our approach is:

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We get to know you and build a personal relationship.

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We use a strategic approach to manage your complex financial situation.

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We keep you up-to-date with timely information.

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We empower you to take action with digestible reports.

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We operate remotely so we are not interrupting your busy day.

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We work as a team so your requests can be fulfilled in a timely manner.

Keeping You Safe

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Technology & Software

We use tools that provide privacy, security, and encryption such as Quicken, LastPass, Zoho Mail and ProtonMail, WhatsApp, Vonage Business, and Zoom.

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We own an onsite firewall-protected server with automatic, daily backups to an offsite location.

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We have Business Liability Insurance that includes both Errors & Omissions and Cybersecurity coverage, and we are bonded.

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We verify all payment requests for first-time payees using a second form of communication (call, text, email).

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Background Checks

We perform a thorough background review of all team members.


Frequently Asked Questions