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A women with a concerned expression talking on the phone

Everything is Negotiable

March 17, 2019

Written by Rebecca Feeley

I recently had to have an x-ray on my back while my family was between health insurance policies. My general practitioner referred me to a imaging center that is affiliated with one of the nearby hospitals. I was in so much pain, and so desperately wanted answers that I would have paid ANYTHING to get those x-rays in the moment. A few weeks later, feeling much better after a few physical therapy sessions, I got the bill in the mail. It was over $800! To say I had sticker shock is an understatement. I immediately remembered that someone had once told me that doctor’s offices (especially when you’re dealing with large corporations, not small local practices) are often willing to negotiate.

I called the billing department and stated my case. I was ready for battle. The woman calmly said that if I was willing to pay in-full that day, she would reduce my bill by 30%. I pulled out my wallet, gave her my credit card number (got to get those travel rewards!) and happily paid.

It’s important to remember that you will not know unless you ask. Call your cable provider, call your insurance broker, just ASK what they can do to help you! You may be pleasantly surprised at how much money you can save.