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Give it up for a Month

February 4, 2019

Written by Rebecca Feeley

I was recently listening to a Motley Fool podcast and they were discussing finance-related New Years resolutions. One of the hosts, Robert Brokamp, had a tip that I really must share. He suggested that a person can save up to 8% of given expense over the course of a year if they commit to giving it up for a month. This can be any non-essential expense that provides little to no long-term benefit to you and your family. Thinking about cutting cable? Put it on hold for a month and see how you feel. Use that month to contemplate alternatives; Netflix? Hulu? DirectTV Now? Would those less expensive options bring you just as much joy?

I think an interesting experiment for my own family would be to cut dining out for a whole month. Maybe we’ll try it for February. Hopefully we have the will power – it is the shortest month of the year after all!

Listen to the 12 minute podcast here ›