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Protect Yourself and Your Money

November 9, 2021

True story: We were once hired in a case where an elderly woman with dementia was being taken advantage of by her caregiver. The caregiver had been filling out credit card applications on the client’s behalf and having the client sign the applications. The caregiver was then using the credit cards for her own personal expenses. This was not discovered by the client’s daughter and Power of Attorney until the credit card balances got so high that the client’s Social Security checks were no longer large enough to pay the minimum amount due. By then, over $20,000 had been stolen from the client. Financial Sense was hired as a Daily Money Manager to pay bills and monitor the elderly woman’s bank accounts so nothing like this could happen again.

Fortunately, insurance carriers are now offering insurance policies that can protect against fraud like the story above. Our friends over at Daigle & Travers recently wrote an article, in honor of National Cybersecurity Awareness Month, about this exact topic. They discuss who the top carriers are and the types of fraudulent activities that you can protect yourself against. Click here to check it out.