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3 Tips to Organize Your Personal Finances

On a desk sits a financial report document, calculator, pen and piggy bank

Most of our clients have a common denominator – they are busy! As their daily money managers, our top priorities are to diminish stress and increase organization. We do this by relieving them of the burden of their day-to-day personal financial tasks. Here are some “DIY” tips for getting organized and reducing financial stress: 1.…

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Re-purposing Foregone Expenses

A green recycling icon

A decrease in household expenses has the same effect on your pocket book as an increase in income. A good example of this is the one that Scott O’Connor used in September’s Money Tip of the Month… when your child goes off to elementary school, you now find yourself with $1,000-$2,000 per month that you’re…

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From Good to Excellent: 5 Ways to Improve Your Credit Score

Two hands typing on a laptop. On the screen is a credit score report

We all know that good credit is important. But did you know there’s a difference between having a good credit score and an excellent credit score? Having an excellent credit score can help you qualify for the best rates and terms on your auto or home loans, as well as other financial products such as…

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The Cash vs. Card Debate

Photo of a desk with a laptop, credit card, wallet and cash

We typically encourage our clients to obtain a highly rated credit card that offers either cash back or travel rewards. We then advise them to use that card exclusively, rather than using a debit card to make their purchases. There are more protections in place with purchases made on credit cards AND you’re earning rewards…

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Auto-Pay Beliefs Debunked

A hand holding a credit card above a laptop

One question we are often asked is “Why do I need someone to pay my bills if I have everything set up for auto-pay?” Our response usually has two parts: Part One You don’t NEED someone to pay your bills. If you prefer to leave as many of them as possible on auto-pay and take…

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The Envelope Method

Close-up of United States money

Written by Rebecca Feeley Back in the 50s and 60s when my dad and his siblings were little, my grandpa would come home from work on Friday afternoon with his week’s pay. My grandmother would then divvy the cash into various envelopes with “MORTGAGE”, “UTILITIES”, “TUITION”, etc. written on them. I’ve come to know this…

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Bonus Burning a Hole in Your Pocket?

A woman standing outside with her arms filled with shopping bags

It’s very easy to lose sight of the value of a dollar when you suddenly see a single ACH deposit in your checking account equivalent to your entire year’s salary. Are you the type of person who takes a step back, thinks logically, and transfers the majority of that bonus payment into your savings account?…

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I Didn’t Sign Up for This!

Hands typing on a computer keyboard. One hand is holding a visa credit card

Ever signed up for a free trial and forgotten to cancel it? Next thing you know, your credit card is being charged month after month for an app you’ve never even used? Well, that’s precisely what these companies are hoping will happen. We’ve been guilty of it ourselves…Spotify, Audible, Fabletics, you name it. Some people…

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Trim Your Bills

A woman at a desk filled with papers, a calculator, a pencil, and a laptop

One of the easiest, most satisfying ways of saving money is by calling up a vendor and simply asking for a reduced rate on services. They may say no, but they just may say yes. There’s so much competition in most sectors these days that companies are often willing to give their customers a discount…

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Protect Yourself and Your Money

An older woman in a hat picking a tomato from a plant

True story: We were once hired in a case where an elderly woman with dementia was being taken advantage of by her caregiver. The caregiver had been filling out credit card applications on the client’s behalf and having the client sign the applications. The caregiver was then using the credit cards for her own personal…

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