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Save on Cooling Costs This Summer

Two hands reaching into a vent to install a furnace filter

Per Pacific Gas and Electric Company (PG&E), a utility company for some of Financial Sense’s California clients, you can save on cooling costs with these simple ways to use air conditioning more efficiently: Keep your air conditioner’s filters clean to increase the efficiency and save on energy costs. Save up to $30/year. Run a ceiling…

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Caregiving and Women

An older woman sitting in a wheelchair looking out a window. Behind her, someone is resting their hands on her shoulders

On May 4, Aimee Johnson from Allianz Life presented at the 1st Annual Upsate Women in Finance Event, hosted by the Foundation for Women’s Financial Education. Her presentation was about financial impacts on women in the context of caregiving. Here are some staggering statistics I took away from that day: Today’s typical caregiver looks like…

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