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Moms in Finance

Illustration of a professional woman speaking to a man and a woman. A lightbulb icon is between them.

Written by Rebecca Feeley This Mother’s Day, I’m remembering back to the 90s when founder of Financial Sense, Keeley Kriskey (my own Mom), courageously left her stable corporate banking career in pursuit of entrepreneurship…to be one of the few moms in finance at the time. Setting the Stage It’s 1996, my brother I are 10…

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So Much To Be Thankful For

A graphic with text that reads, "thankful"

Looking back on the 2017 calendar year, it’s ever so clear that we at Financial Sense have so much to be thankful for, both professionally and personally. First and foremost, we appreciate our incredible clients for their unwaivering trust in us. We work everyday to maintaining the highest standard of care with regard to your…

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A New Alliance

Two hands shaking. The text on the graphic reads, "New Alliance with Daigle & Travers Insurance."

Often, while paying bills for our clients, we’ll notice that their insurance premiums seem high or that they’re lacking coverage that they should have. To solve this problem, we’ve aligned ourselves with Daigle & Travers Insurance who has offered to review existing policies and provide quotes for Financial Sense clients at no cost. Yet another…

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LastPass for Our Clients

A hand holding a phone and typing on a computer. Overlaying the photo is a security icon

After doing extensive research on the various password management applications available, we recently decided to establish LastPass accounts for our clients who wish to take advantage of this add-on service that we’re now offering. We all know that keeping track of all of your many passwords is cumbersome, to say the least. And choosing the…

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