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The Intersection of Data Privacy and Personal Finance

man typing on a laptop with padlock graphics implying the post is about cyber security

In honor of Data Security Day earlier this week, we decided to write about data privacy as it relates to personal finance. In the digital age, the importance of data privacy in personal finance cannot be overstressed. As financial transactions and services increasingly move online, the need to protect sensitive financial information has become paramount.…

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It’s Tax Time… Again

A variety of tax documents, a calculator and a pen sitting on a table

Here we are again with April 15 (or 17 this year) quickly closing in on us. Are you clamoring to find receipts? How about digging for confirmation emails of charitable gifts made last year? Re-setting passwords to online financial accounts that you haven’t logged into all year to obtain tax forms? If you had been…

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The Death of Traditional Long Term Care Insurance

A hand signing a piece of paper. Another person's hand is pointing to the paper

Today, fewer and fewer companies are offering traditional long term care (LTC) insurance; the reason is because most insurance companies initially underestimated how long individuals would require LTC benefits. In fact, women today are living an average of 6 years while receiving long term care. Depending on where you live, in-home care can run roughly…

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Best Tax Software for 2017

A hand holding a phone. In the background is a computer, desk and jar of writing utensils.

The Simple Dollar has created a list of the Best Tax Software for 2017 for the millions of people who file their own taxes. Taking into account a number of factors including user experience, disbursement, accuracy, and deduction discovery, the writers laid out the pros and cons of each software so that we don’t have…

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